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Effective Termite Treatment Services in India

Termite Treatment is a local, professional pest management company in India that offers a full array of pest control services, specializing in termites and carpenter ants. We are fully licensed and insured in India and we are an authorized dealer for the Exterra Termite Baiting & Interception System™. 

What are TERMITES?

our professional treating termites in an indian house
Termites swarm in the Long Island area between March and May as the weather warms. Swarms are reproductions of the colony, and the swarming lasts several days. Though swarmers may no longer be present, the colony will still actively feed on the cellulose in the structure. Termites cause more damage in the United States than hurricanes, floods, and fires combined. They are highly secretive in nature and not easy to find unless they are swarming.

Some indications are:

  • Sand tubes about an inch in diameter on exposed wood or foundation
  • Sand visible between two pieces of wood
  • Dots of sand appearing on wood or sheetrock which, when wiped off, reveal a small hole
  • Tracks or veins appearing behind sheetrock
  • Finding clear wings

Termites eat the insides of beams. Many times the wood looks sound but, when probed with a screwdriver, it crumbles like paper.

Some areas to look for termites are:

  • Around concrete porches
  • In chimneys
  • In garages
  • In the slab areas of houses
  • Where a slab meets another type of foundation

We offer various services such as bank mortgage inspections, engineer inspections with Termite Treatment & Inspections, free estimates, free second opinions, damage repair, wildlife trapping, and a late night restaurant service. Condominium boards and management are welcome. We guarantee exceptional, affordable prices with personalized service.

We are Expertise in :

  • Termite & Pest Control
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Home Inspections
  • Apartments & Condos
  • Wildlife Removal
  • Bank Inspections & FHA-VA
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • Exterra Termite Baiting & Interception System™
We service restaurants, houses, and both commercial and industrial businesses. We particularly welcome condominium and apartment complex management for termite and pest control. 


Chemical Treatments
Chemical treatments consist of placing a chemical barrier by means of drilling, trenching, and rodding in and around a structure. It is the favored means of controlling termites. Even though today’s chemicals are not as persistent or effective as those of yesteryear (chlordane), this is still the preferred method of treatment. Issues such as construction, wood or tiled floors, pipes, and environmental factors, such as wells and high water tables in many cases, preclude chemical treatment. Concerns over chemicals make some homeowners uneasy about having up to several hundreds of gallons of chemical solution inserted around their home.


This is the newest tool in the fight against termites. Baiting does not attempt to preclude termites from the structure, but rather to eliminate the colony itself. This is done by placing monitors with wooden pieces into the ground every 10 to 15 feet around a structure and checking them regularly. Once termites find the wood, a bait matrix is placed into the monitor, which the feeding worker termites consume. The two leading systems, Sentricon and Exterra, use growth regulators to stop the worker termites from molting (shedding their skeleton), thus killing them slowly. As the workers die, the colony dies. The workers feed the other clusters of termites and groom them for parasites. This system is safe for children and animals, because the monitors are locked and secured. The system used by our company is Exterra

Wood Treatment

In some cases, termites can be stopped by treating the wood itself with a boric acid foam spray or injection. The product used by Our Termite Treatment Company is Bora-Cure™. 

Mechanical Alteration
Many times, making changes in the construction of the house can stop termites. Removing wood from soil contact, changing the grade, rerouting gutters, etc., can make the difference. 


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