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Exterminator's Guide to Rid of Termites Effectively!

The Top 4 Ways To Check in to Get Rid of Termites — 

To get rid of termites, we have to know the characteristics of termites. 

Termites are a type of insects that live nomaden, from one parent to other parent. 

They distinguish everything comes in their way. 

They usually breed and live in low moisture places. 

Because they move from one place to other place, they keep on looking new places they can use to live and destroy all wood structures they find in their way.

Therefore, if they face structures like doors, windows, wooden furniture, wood flooring, or even rooftops, these pests will damage them all. 

However, many people start to recognize these damages after years because of these pests’ hiding. Now, it is time for you to know how to get rid of termites so that you can distinguish them as soon as possible.

How to get rid of termites

If you see any signs of termites around your house, you have to call for pest control help to get rid of termites. These experts will give you some suggestions about how to get rid of termites and how to prevent them from coming back. They may also give you some tips about how to get rid of termites by your own

Below are some methods available to get rid of termites:

Liquid Termiticide — 

  1. man mixing liquid termicide to apply on termites
This is actually a traditional method to get rid of termites. Liquid termicitide is similar to any other insect pesticides, although termiticide is made specifically for termites, just like its name. 

Termiticides will make a chemical “barriers” around the house, in the soil around the house, and on wooden structures in and around your house. 

Some brands of termiticide, like Termidor, give immediate protection against termites. Just after they get in contact of the chemical substance, you can get rid of termites. 

You can find two types of termiticides: 

  • the repellent termiticides that can repel termites and prevent them from coming back and 
  • the non-repellent that can get rid of termites by killing them as soon as they get in contact with the chemical substance.

Termite Bait 

This method to get rid of termites is considered neater and not so intrusive, compared to any other methods. 

Just like its name, “bait”, the work of termite bait is by inviting termites to come into the trap. 

Termite bait is a plastic stake sticking into the surface, located in many places in the house. This stake contains wood, termites’ favorite food, that attracts termites to come. As soon as the termites made their infestation in the wood, the stakes are then filled with pesticides that can kill them all.

 This method to get rid of termites is more eco-friendly, compared to liquid termiticide for example, because the chemical substance does not meet directly with the environment or soil.

Boric Acid — 

A solution of boric acid and propylene glycol has been proven effective to get rid of termites. 

Boric acid can seep into deeper layer of wood, with the help of propylene glycol, and then become part of the wood fiber. Therefore, it can kill termites inside the wood structure.

Borate Treatment — 

This is another great way to get rid of termites.

In this method, you have combine sodium borate with water. The solution, then, is applied to all wooden surfaces in your house. It works this way: when termites eat the wood, they will also ingest the sodium borate applied on the wood. 

The sodium borate will get into the digestion system of termites and kill all protozoa in the digestive tract of termites so that the termites cannot digest the wood. 

Termites live with some types of protozoa in their digestive system to help them digest their food. However, applying this method to get rid of termites makes you have to paint all wooden surfaces with the solution and this takes a lot of time.

Once you see any signs of termites at home, you had better to call for the experts to get rid of termites, as they know how to get rid of termites effectively. 

On the other hand, you also have to know the products they usually use to get rid of termites because some products contain chemical substance that may be harmful for the environment. Thus, you can keep watching the way these experts work in order to get rid of termites without damaging the environment.


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