Monday, 1 July 2013

Boric Acid for Killing Termites


When you want to get rid of termites it usually would take the use of highly poisonous chemicals. This poses a danger to children and pets. The home should be evacuated when these substances are used. Some of them may even release dangerous fumes and you should wear a safety mask. Generations past discovered that boric acid was a substance they could use to get rid of termites. This ingredient is obtained by mining and it has no discernable smell. If you are concerned about using very strong chemicals then give boric acid a thought. It may be the better choice for your home.
Boric Acid for Termites Brings Relief
If it was so easy to control and eradicate termite infestations, there would not be the huge problem across the whole of the Americas that we have today. Most people do not have any idea how to control or treat termite infestations in their homes. Many people truly do not believe the vast extent of the damage that termites are capable of until they are confronted with the evidence and by then it is far too late. Termites have been labeled as the silent destructors of nature as they go about their work of feeding on your home and furniture in silence and unobserved. We blissfully co-habit with our small tenants, not knowing they are taking our walls apart as we sleep and many of us would be too afraid to sleep if we start thinking of them chewing through roof support struts over our heads.
Now the good news before you starts a frantic search behind cupboards and go around tapping walls; you can eradicate termites without too much difficulty if you catch the problem while their numbers are still relatively small. Many people have great success by using Boric Acid in the war against termites. Boric Acid is a deadly poison for all kinds of insects and is a very effective home remedy. The powder is mined in the Mojave Desert in California and you can get rid of many other creepy crawlies such as fleas, fire ants and cockroaches at the same time as you rid your home of termites.
The wonderful thing about Boric Acid is that it is safe to use, even when you have children and it is not expensive at all. Boric acid has been long recommended as a home remedy for diaper rash in babies and as eyewash it works well when diluted in water. Most modern insecticides that are available commercially is said to contain Boric Acid as an ingredient.
Normal treatments for termites would require thorough fumigation of the premises and the vacation of humans and animals while this is being done. Boris acid would not cause any discomfort to people or pets, you do not have to vacate your home for a period of time and it has no smell whatsoever. When Boric Acid is mixed with propylene glycol it forms a brilliant combination for eradicating termites. The glycol allows the solution to deeply penetrate the wood being treated and melds with the wood for further protection. This solution is especially effective when used on dry rot spots in wood.
It is advisable that you check your home thoroughly on a regular basis and act immediately if you suspect termite infestation. Use the Boric Acid treatment immediately as this is safe, easily affordable and freely available. This will save you a lot of money in the long run as you will minimize termite damage and save on having to call in the professionals to fumigate your home at great expense.