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How to Kill Termites Cost Effectively [KNOW HOW]


How to kill termites is the question that most people are thinking when these pests invade their houses. Termites are one of the insects that commonly penetrate and invade many homes. To get rid of this problem, you have to know and use any of the ways on  to kill . Termite infestation could happen to all individuals and this can be considered as a stressful experience.

 Winged termites can cause severe destruction or damage. Due to this fact, killing termites must be done as much as possible. Fortunately, there are several ways  with no need to spend more money for an exterminator. These ways could be very efficient once they are used properly.

The Different Ways 

Kill Them using termite baits

Baiting is one of the most usual ways, It is an easy do-it-yourself termite killing method that can be performed by anyone. Buying termite baits at the hardware stores is so easy and this is somewhat cheap option . This method will be very helpful for you in case that your problem is just small infestation and you desire to avoid termite infestation. You can use any of the two forms of termite baits: the underground baits as well as the in-home baits.

Underground baits are also known as termite stakes. These are the most popular means widely used. The stakes will be placed at the ground out of the house and you have scattered them all over the building. While the termites dig along, they will go close on the stakes. These stakes are full of termite bait which is typically in a form of combined wood with pesticide. This way  will let the working termites gather at the bait then carry it back inside their colony.

Since that the working termites were the responsible to collect foods for their companions, they will share the termite bait with other termites. After few days, the infected termites will be dead and that point the entire colony could be poisoned. One great thing which makes this means efficient is that their queen could be poisoned also. You should always remember that you need to kill the queen termite as well or else the termites will simply rebuild their colony over time. The pesticides are proven ineffective

In-home baits are the ones that you could put in the spaces where the pests gave been speckled. These are ideal for the crawl spaces or all over the gaps that can give an instant access for the termites to invade your house. On the other hand, the termite baits as a way of killing will need time before they can kill termites effectively. Yet, once they fall on these baits and they carry these back inside their colony, the killing of termites and the whole colony will occur.

What are the Professional Methods ?

When the termite infestation is really severed, you need the help of an experienced termite exterminator. You may use any expensive options, yet their knowledge or capabilities are proven a great help as they know
kill termites very cheap and effectively with sprays

How to Kill Termites by With Liquid Chemical Blockers

The chemical barriers that are designed to control termites are also called as termicide. They are the most conventional kind of termite control and they are effective in rid of subterranean termites. This professional method of terminating termites is categorized into two sub-forms namely:
  • Repellent termite Insecticides
  • Non-repellent termite insecticides

Repellent Termite Insecticides

These insecticides mostly ward off termites away from the space and they can be typically utilized as preventive termite control prior the structure is already built. The pest management experts use them in case that inhibiting the access of the subterranean termites is required. On the other hand, these could prevent the termites that were already within the hurdle to stay. At times, they can build another colony within the barrier while sometimes the termites may be rapt and die.

Non-repellent Termite Insecticides

These insecticides are the efficient means due to their action of affecting the termites unconsciously. The ways of killing  differ in every insecticide. Few of them are meant to destroy the whole colony by affecting the production of nymphs. In that way the development of the succeeding generation will be prevented. Other forms of the termite insecticides alter the social behavior of the pests in order to prevent them from interacting with one another.

 With Tenting as well as Fumigation

Tenting is also a professional method . This method includes enclosing the whole infested structure inside the rubber tent then sealing the structure up tight. The chemicals will be scattered inside the building. The rubber tent will collect the chemicals inside the building to prevent leakage. The building will remain in that condition for the whole week to allow the chemicals to fully pervade the wood and penetrate the spaces where the pests are living. As the chemicals are involved, tenting as well as fumigation could be only performed by the registered professional exterminator.

Is There Other Way ?

Another solution that you can do is by means of localized treatment for wood. This could be relatively cheap cost of termite treatment based on the tactic you chosen. Yet, this method gives poor guarantee that the whole termite will be completely eradicated. One from the easiest local solutions is to remove the affected wood as well as the colony. There is less guaranteed in performing this that the whole colony of the termites will be removed entirely. This may require vital carpentry skills based on where you have located the colony of the termites.
Other localized wood treatment options involve:
  • Chemical liquids or dusts
  • Chemical foams
  • Heat
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Microwaves
  • Electrocution


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