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Termite Inspection and Control


There are countless home and building owners worldwide who are sharing the same dilemma of property damages and inconveniences to living conditions due to termite infestation. Long has it been since termite controland pest control became a vastly serious and important business due to the increasing influx of termites to residential and industrial properties causing billions of dollars in damages every year. Not only does this predicament costing people money, it is also giving them emotional stress. This is basically why the demands from termite control companies are increasingly high; because the need is there to get rid of termites.


Termite inspection brisbanePrevention is always better than a cure. We wear sunscreen to prevent skin damage; we service our car to prevent breakdowns; we should regularly inspect our home to prevent termites.

A termite inspection is a preventative tactic intended to detect termite activity and protect your home. CSIRO recommends that all homes have a regular termite inspection by a licensed pest controller. A licensed pest controller or termite inspector will identify high-risk areas that are conducive to termite activity, and recommend methods to remove the risk and protect your home from termites.

As a licensed pest controller specialising in termite control, conduct Termite Inspections in accordance with . :
    • A full and thorough inspection of the inside and outside of your property, including an examination of the yard, exterior of the house, internal visible timbers and roof void. During this inspection, LEDA is looking to identify termite activity, risk areas and moisture issues.
    • A written termite report. Termite inspection reports advise of any termite activity and/or risk areas.
    • Recommendations on how to reduce the risk of termite activity/damage, and rectify any high risk areas.
There are several different ways to get rid of termites: DIY with a termite treatment or a guide, or hire a termite control specialist to come to your house and do an inspection and treatment.

From a professional point of view, thorough understanding and learning termite behaviors are keys to finding valuable and efficient solutions to different termite problems. That is why homeowners are advised to at least acquaint themselves about termites so as to obtain helpful information on how to deal with an eventual infestation.

Termites Overview

It is amazing to know that termites have existed since the time of the dinosaurs! They have an indispensable role in many ecosystems by recycling wood and plant materials. Regarded as master builders in the animal kingdom, termites coped over the millennia due to their abilities in tunneling and burrowing and living in soil.

Commonly known as “white ants”, these insects live in a social caste system comprising of a queen, a king, the soldiers and workers. It’s the queen who lays eggs in thousands each day and the king’s only role is to mate with the queen. Soldier termites’ sole duty is to fight for and defend the colony. But it’s the workers who carry out all the necessary and important tasks for the colony including gathering of food. They comprise the majority population in a colony and come in large numbers particularly in feeding locations. They are born blind and are typically white in color in most subterranean wood eating termites, thus dubbed as “white ants”. One main basis on why a portion of termite species are such destructive pests is that these worker termites have specialized bacteria in their gullet that aid in digesting cellulose found in wood.


Sometimes it may be beneficial to pay for your tracks and also have a termite inspection second opinion on your home. If youve known as an authorized, professional termite inspector and she or he has found significant termite infestation, you might want to look for another inspection just to be certain. When you get serious not so good news from your physician regarding your health, you’ll most likely obtain a second opinion before dealing with serious treatment. Exactly the same should for any termite inspection second opinion.

Before you decide to look for a termite inspector to check out your home, you need to call around and obtain cost estimations. Next, you may make your choice regarding who you need to do the first inspection of your home. Now allows state that inspector informs you that your home is infested and treatment will probably be 1000′s of dollars. Before you decide to faint, realize that a termite inspection second opinion is most likely so as in this kind of a scenario.

Visit again your original cost list and discover your second favorite to be released and do your termite inspection second opinion. Once they make it happen, you’ve two options. First, you can present all of them with the initial inspection report, or you might wait and find out exactly what the second inspector pops up with and compare the 2 on your own. Should you opt for the very first choice, you might not have an honest second opinion as that inspector might be attempting to undercut their competition. Should you opt for the 2nd choice, you might have un-answered questions following the inspector leaves which will remain un-answered if you do not follow-up.

An additional advantage to some termite inspection second opinion is that you’ll be making plans to prevent those who are attempting to scam you into getting costly termite remedies that you will do not need. By exploring other termite personnel and becoming their opinion, you are able to better gauge the potency of their inspection in addition to their assessment of the items must be done on as well as in your home.
A termite inspection second opinion much like getting an authentic termite inspection is one thing an accountable homeowner should do if any signs and symptoms of infestation and damage are located. Youve invested lots of money in your home and also you want it to become pest free and safe to reside in. At the same time, you shouldn’t be used for any ride by unscrupulous people either. So look for a termite inspection second opinion and also have satisfaction.


Just like a number of other construction ripoffs, termite inspection fraud happens a lot more frequently than it should. That’s the reason why you like a consumer should do something to be certain that you simply dont be a victim of termite inspection fraud. You will find many, many unscrupulous people available who’re just awaiting anyone to be seduced by their ripoffs. Termite inspection fraud is rising that is why you ought to be ready if, so when, it happens along with you!

One common termite inspection fraud that occurs with an alarmingly consistent basis happens when the inspector earns proof of termite infestation for example waste pellets or shed wings in the reproductive flying termite. It is comparable to the guarana plant evidence scam that some dirty cops use to bust someone theyve been attempting to bust for some time. The objective of this scam would be to convince you that you will find termites in your home. Were prepared to wager the termite inspector offers termite eradication services too.

Termite Inspector Checking walls
Another common trick in termite inspection fraud is perfect for the inspector to indicate damage they allege is made by termites when in most actuality, it wasnt. For that common person, seeing and realizing true termite damage can be challenging. If you have a gimmick artist who’s tugging a termite inspection fraud you, they’re usually excellent at convincing you that you’ve a problem when not a problem is available. That may cost you 100s of dollars that’s spent unnecessarily. A scenario such as this needs a second opinion.
Termite inspection fraud also occurs whenever a termite inspector offer fumigation services to some homeowner after making their evaluation and determination that the problem exists. They will give you their services and promise that they’ll make use of a specific chemical made to eliminate termites, but what they’re really using is really a cheap knock-from the real chemical. What you should get is removing a few of the termites, but not every one of them. Which means re-infestation will happen. Request to determine the harmful chemicals that are used and make certain that they’re inside a labeled container.

If you feel you’re a victim of termite inspection fraud, you need to do something to make certain that others arent designed a victim as if you. Call your Bbb as well as call law enforcement. Your local newspaper may also be an excellent tool to assist alert the general public about termite inspection fraud. For those who have found yourself a victim of termite inspection fraud, do something to make certain nobody else turns into a victim. And, go ahead and, be an advocate for your fellow guy!


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