Monday, 1 July 2013

American Termites Attack Wood

American Termites Attack Wood

Most Americans really do not like termites. This is because the vast majority of homes in many areas have timber frames. Even if a home does not have a timber frame or walls it will have wooden doors. American termites will attack any item that is made of wood. Homeowners detest termites because they inflict damage that requires repair and this repair costs money. The damage can be so great that whole walls have to be replaced. A wooden floor is a beautiful asset in any home but it is very expensive to replace and requires a professional service for good results.
American Termites Everywhere
Termites have been the bane of man’s existence since the beginning of time and most people agree that they are the most destructive little horrors we can think of. They look so innocent that it is difficult to accept that they can devastate a property in a very short time until you see the damage they caused for yourself. Certain states in America have such serious infestations of these creatures that it has reached epidemic proportions.
The main reason the termite plague has grown to this unmanageable state is due to the ignorance of people who are blissfully unaware that termites have happily moved into their homes. Many people confuse termites with ants and in this wonderful disguise the termites busily devour your home under your eyes while you go about your daily life in utter ignorance.
The best weapon in our arsenal when we go to war with the termites is to be armed with knowledge. This seems rather melodramatic and laughable to many people that we speak in such strong terms about this plague, but they lose their sense of humor rapidly when they are confronted with the major damage to their own homes that are going to cost a fortune to repair. Yes, the answer is to get to know your enemy as best as possible before you start taking measures to prevent infestation.
So, let us get to grips with the four major types of termites in America you will most likely come across:
The most prolific and common variety of termite is the Subterranean Termite; these most often attack and devour wooden buildings and any other wooden structure in the USA. They construct mud tunnels radiating outwards from their subterranean nests to connect to any wooden structures that are in contact with the soil. Within their safe mud tunnels, they move along on their path of destruction. They are approximately half an inch in size and when they reach maturity, they grow wings.
The largest of the American termites that have been studied is the Dampwood Termites that reach up to one inch as adults. These Dampwood Termites favor the coastal regions of the Pacific as well as parts of Florida. Favorite places to infest are wet woods, pilings and poles. Unlike their cousins the Subterranean Termites, these do not build mud tunnels as a means of transportation. They have very distinctive oval shaped faeces pellets, so look out for these.
Next come the Drywood Termites, these guys are slightly larger than their Subterranean Termite cousins and their name described them well. They target dry wood structures of all kinds and they use their wings to fly between locations.
Last, but definitely not least, are the Powderpost Termites. These termites prefer floors and furniture, but will devour any other kind of woodwork as well. Of all the termite species, the Powderwood Termites have the smallest cast system of the four species discussed.


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