Friday, 5 July 2013

Best Anti Termite Treatment


Have you heard of orange oil anti termite treatment? If not, here’s your chance to learn about this remarkable method of eliminating termite infestations. Using orange oil to get rid of termites is basically a more natural and safer approach compared to what has been practiced for so long – tenting / fumigation. But is it more budget friendly when it comes to orange oil termite treatment cost? And why are so many big cities like orange oil termite treatment San Diego already using this type of approach? Read this review to learn more about the pros and cons of using orange oil.

orange oil - The Best Anti termite treatment

What is orange oil? This substance makes use of d-limonene active ingredient from the orange peel extracts. Compared to other pesticides and chemical cleaners, it has a relatively lower toxicity. It is also used in fragrances, making resins, manufacturing cleaning compounds and a whole new set of other properties. This greatly suggests that orange oil termite treatment is a natural and safe way to control termite infestations at your homes. You no longer have to worry about yourselves, your pets or your garden when you’re going to have your house treated with orange oil. This is why many people are actively searching for orange oil termite treatment San Diego, and it is popular too. Moreover, orange oil termite treatment is now widely used in settings where there are lots of people like schools, government offices and hospitals.

Because it is in oil form, one of its clear disadvantages is that orange oil termite treatment needs additional drilling into the affected wood and then injecting it into the galleries where the termites reside. This is also the reason why orange oil is limited to dry wood termites and not the subterranean termites. Not to mention, you also need to identify the exact spot where the termites are located or else the medium will not generally work to your favor.

Anti Termite treatment cost

With regard to orange oil termite treatment cost, the general notion seems not to be in favor with the use of orange oil particularly when large termite treatment areas are involved. Per bottle, orange oil is said to cost from $12 to $60. Along with its intricate application process, orange oil termite treatment San Diego may be expensive in general and somewhat impractical if used against multiple termite colonies as opposed to fumigation. So as per our orange oil termite treatment review, your cost may end up ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars

Before you say the go signal in using orange oil termite treatment San Diego, you must first make sure that you have let an expert termite control professional inspect the termite infestation for you. For sure he’ll know if orange oil is what you really need by just looking at the extent of damage during his assessment. You need not ask if it is an effective method because it really is. You just have to let the professional do the orange oil application to achieve better results. You can also read what other orange oil termite treatment review have to say about this medium and weigh your current options based on sound and well informed judgment with regard to orange oil termite treatment.


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